Site rules

General Terms:

  • By utilizing our services, you express consent to the EcoinExchanger disclaimer and liability policy.
  • When you place an order by using Skype, phone, email or any other service provided by us, you concord with our terms and conditions automatically.
  • Moreover, if you visit our website and or use any of our services, only you are the one who is accountable for all of your actions and resulting reactions.
  • EcoinExchanger is not at all responsible for any payment processor, website or any other related program, frauds or anything else. We are just providing the facilitation services to our customers, and we have no direct or indirect connection with any other company or website.
  • We possess the right to suspend or even terminate your service/account without prior warning if there comes a valid reason to do so. If the management of EcoinExchanger decides to inform you regarding your potential suspension/ termination, we will notify you by e-mail.
  • However, if you are found guilty of doing any wrong, your account will promptly be suspended without any prior notice. Please note that as we have a proprietary kind of monitoring system, so we will not be able to disclose any reason or information.

E-Currency Exchange:

  • As we only offer services regarding the deposit or withdrawal from various online payment options, therefore we do not provide any of the exchange of currency services for liquid money. The e-currency service is a kind of service where you can trade your credit with some other online payment options.
  • Moreover, if you like to sell/buy/deposit or withdrawal any money then you first have to confirm your order and also your account by either dialing us at our Phone number or by visiting us at our office.
  • Once the money is charged to your account, then we are not responsible for any refund if any issue including dispute or reversal of funds happens. However, we will cooperate with our clients as much as possible to solve the problem.
  • We also want to give you our assurance that in case of any dispute resulting in a reversal of payment, we will provide you the security checks at the best level. Furthermore, if the trouble is induced by us then we will try our level best to solve the issue, but we do not take any responsibility for resolution. Moreover, EcoinExchanger not responsible if you have your deal get done on the Facebook, Skype or Twitter.

Transaction Rules:

  • For the processing of the exchange order, you are required to provide proper personal and financial information.
  • We have the right to verify your provided information with or without prior notice anytime.
  • For the fulfillment of the exchange process EcoinExchanger reserve the right to inquire the user about the source of funds.
  • We reserve the right that out of some confidential yet valid reason we can decline the exchange order.
  • To initiate the transfer process the user have to make an advance payment.
  • In case you provide wrong information regarding your bank account, EcoinExchanger not a responsible and we will transfer the money to that bank account.
  • A transfer from a third party is not acceptable. The user has to move the money in his own name to complete the transaction.
  • A guarantee from the users’ side is required that the funds which have been transferred are their property and they have the absolute right to dispose it off.
  • In the case of dispute or reversal of the funds, the user is also held responsible.
  • EcoinExchanger only responsible for the funds transferred in a single transaction that you have made after the successful transaction we are not at all responsible for the future use of resources.


  • The management and the team of EcoinExchanger is not responsible or liable for the failure or delay in performance caused by the Act of GOD, hacking attempt, terrorism, labor dispute, script or server bug, work stoppage, act of government, war, hold on the payment due to the payment processes or any other cause similar or dissimilar which is beyond our control.
  • We reserve the right to alter, restrict or modify the fees, rules and regulations, benefits, special offers, terms of membership and conditions. Also, we possess the right to terminate the services at any time without any notification.

Refund policy:

  • All the transactions and payments made fall into the category of retired services and are neither reversible nor refundable.
  • If the refund is allowed, then it will be $5 refund fee on the total amount.
  • If you file any dispute through any means, then you are violating our terms and conditions. In such case, we possess the right to take any legal action against you.
  • All kind of charge back or reversal of payments will lead to an immediate suspension of the account or payment.
  • You can claim to receive the refund within the 10 days of the service, and if you are entitled to receive the refund, then it will take about 10 to 60 days depending on the nature of the return for payment.