Site Policy


KYC (Known Your Customer) Policy:

The sole purpose of identification and verification of the user credentials is to prevent us from being utilized in any criminal activity including, identity theft or auction fraud.

EcoinExchanger collects individual identification information from all of its customers who opens or holds an account on our site. We can ask you for providing your identification documents to accomplish your order or to verify your account. The users understand that all the verification information regarding the name, phone, address and any documents which authenticate your identification such as passport, NIC, utility bills must be correct and accurate in all details.

Our identification and verification process is a one-time process. Once you have been verified the next time you are not prompt to send your verification documents again.


Privacy Policy

Personal identification information:

We have the right to collect the user identification information in various ways and not relying on a single method. It may include the extraction of information when the users visit the site, when they sign up to book an order, fill out a form and or in various other ways through the services which we made available on our website.


Non-personal information:

Along with user personal information, we may collect any non-personal information whenever we deem right. The non-personal user information includes the information regarding the source of internet, operating system, device which is being used, and many more such technical information.


Privacy security:

We assure you that we kept your personal information safe with us, however, in case of any legal obligation we have to provide that information. Moreover, our privacy policy only applies to our legitimate users only.


Privacy principles:

Whenever you ask us for a transaction, we always go through the identification of your personal information for that purpose.



With the help of cookies, we keep track of your browsing habits to provide you better services. However, we strictly avoid following your personal information so, please set your heart at peace.